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1. Create a robust affiliate marketing network.

Instead of signing up to multiple affiliate networks, why not build you own? This can be difficult at first, most especially in the part where you recruit your first affiliate marketers. In order to attract affiliates, you must follow a clear approach. Provide all of your affiliates with important details like how it works, what to do and the amount of commissions they can get.

2. Leverage on affiliate promotions from many sources.

Promoting affiliate products on your blog is not enough to ensure long-term success. Instead of just focusing on coupon sites or Instagram influencers, reach out to your potential customers through multiple sources. Test out different affiliate marketing strategies in Malaysia, from email marketing and webinars to YouTube videos and product review blogs.

3. Optimize all of your product pages for conversions.

Several brands invest in different affiliate marketing strategies, and then expect affiliate marketers to drive in conversions on their own. Don’t just depend on your affiliate marketers. You need to make an effort to drive in interested clients to product pages. Moreover, good customer experience would help you generate more sales.

4. Select the right affiliates.

In affiliate marketing, you can take advantage of the power of influence to encourage people to purchase from you. Do you want to influence the buying decisions of your customers, work with a social media personality who has a vast, engaged audience.

5. Attract more sales through promotions, special deals and coupons.

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Leveraging on special deals and coupons is one of the best strategies you can implement to improve sales. This is because many customers love the saving power coupons provide.