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An office makeover is perhaps in order if you want to improve your employees’efficiency and productivity across the board.

In today’s article, I will go over some factors of great office design by discussing some of the most well-known companies all over the world so we can pick apart what works for them so that, in turn, you can apply it to your own office as well.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Create ‘Purposeful’ Spaces

Adobe is a great creative company, but with the advent of technology, most people opted to work from home. Although it did wonders for their productivity, their office was once touted as ‘just another workspace’ and people really do not want to go there unless they have to.

So, what the company did was to create a survey about what employees want for an improved office workspace. It turns out that they want the office space to have meaningful and purposeful spaces.

What this means is to basically utilize every space of the office for a variety of things.This includes having a dedicated meeting area, an area where creativity happens, and an area where the employees can relax.

2. A Quiet Place

Yodle was once a humble startup that has since grown considerably. Now, they have more than 1,100 employees that all work together for the company’s benefit.

Now, they work on different projects round the clock and there are high-priority subjects that would need careful and deliberate consideration.

For these projects, it is best that you create a quiet place where the employees can work unhindered. This place should be free of distractions and the only things that should be present are those that can help get the job done.

3. Flexibility

It is the employer’s job to ensure that work flexibility is always present. By this, the worker has to have the freedom to work wherever they like. Although working from home is definitely an option, making decisions to improve work efficiency in the office is so much better.

4. Get Employee Feedback

What can you glean from the two companies I’ve mentioned above? Well, both of them ensured that their employees have a say with regard to the company’s decision to improve the workplace.

Look, people have things to say and their opinion can matter. Just provide an avenue for them to speak up and voice their concerns and you can get some meaningful feedback from the activity.

It is also crucial that you want to make your employees happy because if that is not going to happen, your employees could potentially jump ship.

5. Be Prepared

Doing a huge office renovation can easily make you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars, not to mention the incredible amount of time that needs to be given toward planning and execution.

But, despite the costs, improving the workplace will ensure productivity and efficiency across the board, not to mention that your employees are going to love you for that.