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1. Coordinate with multiple manufacturers for a single furniture product.

In order to cut your expenses further, feel free to source items from different manufacturers for one furniture piece. If you are looking for a conference table, ask your team to look for a good price for the top. Then, purchase the legs somewhere else. This strategy would result in a much better cost compared to purchasing the office furniture in its entirety.

2. Test out the entire space before adding more accessories.

Test out your space first before adding more office accessories. However, before filling it with more office products. This is very important–you wouldn’t want to waste your purchases. Don’t just follow office trends. Make sure that it looks good, and can improve the entire office environment.

3. Spread your products across different sources.

Choosing a series of furniture pieces from a single manufacturer can be more expensive compared to getting products from multiple sources. If you receive furniture from a single source, mixing and matching low-end and high-end pieces can be challenging. Are you having a hard time picking the right elements for your office? Make sure to choose a reputable interior design company in Malaysia that can assist you.

4. Explore various materials.

When it comes to an office makeover, office managers now have tons of options to choose from. Since you are on a budget, you can’t settle with wooden conference tables and granite countertops. For instance, laminate can now imitate stone patterns and realistic wood. You may consider this a cheaper alternative.

5. Focus on those spaces that need to have a “wow” factor.

Not all work spaces are created equal. Thus, the furniture pieces you are going to choose must reflect the intended purposes. You need to check first which office products you really need, before finalizing your purchase.