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1. Amazon’s commission rates are pathetically low.

Several affiliate marketers hate Amazon Associate’s low commission rates. In order to earn a big amount, you need to attract thousands of website visitors first, and gain many referral sales. But, do you know that Amazon recently changed its affiliate commission structure for several product categories, and lowered the amount further. If you are a newbie who just recently signed up for this program good. luck on establishing a long-term business with them.

2. You won’t be allowed to promote affiliate marketing offers through email marketing.

Email marketing is a significant aspect of affiliate marketing. Email subscribers are great sources of recurring revenue for online businesses. The thing is that, many Amazon affiliates can’t take advantage of this amazing marketing channel. According to Amazon, they can’t allow their affiliates to send referral links directly through email.

3. You wouldn’t be able have 100% control over your own Amazon affiliate business.

No matter how successful, big your business gets, the fact still remains that you are thriving on a rented land. This means that your business is entirely dependent on someone else. With a slight policy update and algorithm change, your business can be easily bought to the ground.

4. Amazon review websites rarely offer great value for users.

Amazon reviews are far from the extremely detailed, well-crafted BestReviews and TheWireCutter affiliate product reviews. Their reviews are not really focused on helping other invidividuals choose the right items that suit their needs. If you are an affiliate marketing newbie in Malaysia, make sure to settle for affiliate platforms that recommend products depending on sample tests and personal experiences.

5. Amazon’s 24-hour cookie period can limit your revenue chances.

In Amazon, you work hard in producing engaging content, and generating traffic, but you only receive a 24-hour period in which your own referrals need to buy on Amazon. Any items bought by your referrals after the 24-hour period through your link, you won’t get paid for a commission.