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Are you thinking of getting new baby shoes in Malaysia? Well, there are tons of baby shoe buying guides all over the internet, but if you don’t know how which important aspects to look into while shopping, chances are, you won’t get the right pair of shoes.

There are plenty of things you must look into when buying shoes for your infant baby. If your child is not yet walking, then don’t think of getting the best style for now. Comfort should be your priority. Below are some considerations that you need to remember when shopping for baby shoes.

1.Stability and Support

Once your kid starts to crawl, it won’t be long until she is pulling on lots of things to stand. Because of this, pediatricians recommend buying baby shoes with more support. Say goodbye to thin-bottom shoes for now. What you need are wide, firm bases with enough arch support. Don’t worry, there are plenty of baby shoe brands that you can choose from.


If your baby is too small, it can be ab it hard to assess if the shoe fits perfectly. If she is screaming while you are trying to squeeze her foot into the shoe, then maybe it is too small. If it is taking you more than one minute to put on the shoes, again, they are too small. If they are falling off once in a while, they are not secured, or too big.

A kid who feels uncomfortable while wearing shoes will become more uncomfortable once she starts to stand up, and add more weight on the shoe. Make sure to use your best judgement.

3.Velcro versus Lace-up versus Slip-on

Keep in mind that once your infant baby begins crawling, slip-on baby shoes would more likely to fall off. Keeping it back on is now considered a nuisance. Because of this, many people are exploring Velcro option, instead of the slip on. Moreover, while lace up baby shoes are cute and stylish, they can also be time-consuming to take on and off. At this specific age, diaper changes would require plenty of shoe removal.


You wouldn’t realize the value of durability until you spend too much money on baby shoes. When your baby is starting to craw, the top of her toe becomes the main point of contact with the ground itself. The worst thing that can happen? This toe would be dragged across several surfaces until it gets ripped apart.

The solution? Buy a baby shoe with a rubber sole. Avoid those kinds of shoes with stitching on the toe area. These stitches would be gone in just a few days, and the entire baby shoe will open up.