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If you want something new aside from playing online casino games, then Esports Betting is worth a try. Esports betting is a huge thing right now. This (relatively) new type of betting got off to a slow start, but in the last few years it has gained a lot of momentum. Growth has been so explosive that the global market for betting on esports has been estimated to be worth nearly $30 billion by 2020.

That’s a huge figure, especially considering that to some degree, esports are still “under the radar.” These days the esports fandom is massive, but it is nowhere near as big as the traditional sports fan bases like baseball, football and tennis. Many people outside of these groups of fan bases have no idea what all of sports are about. Of course they know nothing about betting on them.

So what is entertainment, then? And how does betting on esports work?

In this comprehensive guide to betting on games, you will find the answers to these questions (and more). Our team of experts has curated it meticulously to help anyone with an experience in wagering on esports. There is a section dedicated to explaining everything about esports, and another section which covers how betting works.

With this type of betting we can definitely help you have a lot of fun and our advice can even help you make some money. For more specifics of what’s included, you can read through the website or use those links to go right to what you’re searching for.

Basics of Esports Betting

You are ready to learn about the betting side of things once you understand what esports are all about (or if you already do so). We suggest starting with the following article, which describes all the details you really need to learn about esports betting. There are several options to bet on esports. Here’s a list of preferred options.

Betting With Real Bucks

This is the type of betting on esports that is similar to conventional betting on sports, and operates much the same way as betting on soccer games, boxing matches or golf tournaments. We position wagers of real money at negotiated odds, and are paid out if our picks are accurate. We will bet on all sorts of different results, including individual match winners and tourney overall winners.

Betting Skins

Skin betting is very common among esports fans, also known as item betting. Most modern video games feature virtual currencies and other things that can be exchanged between players, and often among dedicated gamers this property is highly sought after. As a result, there are many auction and trading websites where players can purchase, sell, and exchange products and currencies for several of the video games that are most common.

There are also gaming platforms where players can gamble with products and currencies. We can use them as a substitute for real money to gamble on the results of sporting competitions, and they can also use them for other forms of gambling. There are places, for instance, where objects can be used to play games of chance like roulette, or even a quick coin flip.

Some sites run jackpot games in which a number of players put their skins in a pot and randomly select a winner from the whole pot. You will learn more about this bet type on the page below.

Betting Socially

Social betting is quite popular in the esports world, where buddies or internet acquaintances placed casual wagers amongst themselves on the outcome of events. These wagers can be for real money but typically they are for skins or other products. The terms and conditions are negotiated between the two sides, and then resolved accordingly.

This is not a form of betting with which we advocate participating, because betting with “real world” friends is rarely a good idea, since it can lead to minor arguments and falling out. And it’s dangerous to gamble on people you just know online, because you can’t be sure that you’ll get your winnings.

Betting By Challenge

Often known as head-to-head gaming, it is here that players play for real money or products and skins against each other. Most gamers simply make wagers among themselves, and then settle down once the match is over. There are also websites that arrange it a little more structured where the players and/or teams pay entrance fees to enter a tournament, and the winner(s) are awarded from the proceeds of those fees.

Such various options are all worth exploring, although some might be more suitable for you than others. For example, if you’re not much of a gamer yourself, there’s not much point in getting involved with the challenge betting.

It is real money esports gaming for most people that offers the best chance to make regular and consistent earnings.